Recovery and Sober Coaching

Do you or someone you love need to stop drinking or using?

Are you recently out of rehab and need extra help in early sobriety?

Do you need an accountability based program for a loved one to ensure sobriety?

Are you ready to get sober but not ready for rehab?

Are you in recovery but need help with “outside issues”?

Recovery & Sober Coaching may be for you.  Unlike traditional psychotherapy that typically meets for a weekly 50 minute session, the Recovery and Sober Coaching program offers a more intensive and accountability based program.  The program includes weekly therapy session (online or in Aspen office), 15 minute weekly phone session, daily check-ins via text or email, and weekly homework assignments.  Clients are asked to sign a contract and commit to the entire 12 week program and to provide names of people we are allowed to contact if requirements are not met.  Client commits to a higher level of care if fails to meet program requirements more than 3 times.  While it is an accountability based program, our philosophy is not a shame-based sobriety model.

Intervention assistance, drug testing, psychiatric coordination and rehab referral assistance also provided upon request.

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